Seminars By Ben

Find meaning, truth, and purpose from the Bible and practical life truths.

About Seminars By Ben

Ben shared his first seminar in 2005, spanning the key teachings of the Bible within the setting of Bible prophecy. It's a specialty area of his. Since then, he's developed other seminars on the Bible, history, creation, time and life management, prayer, Christian leadership, and so forth. He's been around the world sharing his seminars, and even lived in South Korea for 4 years, teaching.This website serves as a voice to people and communities around the world, inviting you to come out for local or online seminars, learn new things, and be blessed!  

Ben's Background

Ben was raised in Northern California, and has since lived in other states and even South Korea (as mentioned above). He's traveled the world visiting historic and wonderful sights like the Pyramids of Egypt, the Great Wall of China, and so forth. In all his travels, he agrees that meeting and helping people has been the most valuable and memorable for him. He's shared his gospel seminars in over ten countries spanning Asia, North America, and Africa. One favorite experience was sharing the gospel with the Hindu people of Southern India. Enriching and humbling. Too many enriching experiences to list.

He met his future wife when they both served as missionaries teaching English in South Korea, though neither knew it at the time. Shiela and he serve together in his seminars and ministry work.

Ben has studied the Bible, history, communication and effective leadership. He holds a Masters of Ministry in Church Leadership. His greatest love is serving God and helping others to experience the joy of Jesus and His teachings, as well as overall better living. There's no greater honor or joy.

Come on out, meet Ben, and experience a great seminar that will enrich your life!

You're invited! You are welcome! You are appreciated!

Ben has met people from all backgrounds and loves visiting with everyone, showing respect, love, and good will. He has shared the gospel with Buddhists and secular-minded people from all walks of life in South Korea, Hindus, Muslims, and Christians in India, Catholics, Protestants, or whatever your background may be. People are people - we all desire to love and be loved. Ben encourages an inclusive and comfortable environment for everyone - come, learn, and enjoy.